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Delivering innovative medicine with FormuRx's exceptional R&D team and special formulations lipid-based drug delivery system, since 2019

Corporate philosophy

Goal-oriented drug design and development

FormuRx, a drug development company with decades of experience, has observed that many small biopharmaceutical companies overlook or simplify drug formulation development in the early stages due to a lack of funds or the pursuit of accelerated profitability. This can lead to difficulties in clinical trials, hinder commercialization, and result in investment losses. FormuRx has adopted the " Goal-oriented drug design and development " philosophy to address these issues, focusing on developing cutting-edge lipid nanoparticle carriers that can deliver innovative medicines with exceptional R&D capabilities. By optimizing the drug formulation process, including physicochemical properties, material selection, clinical route of administration, impact on efficacy, and manufacturability, FormuRx aims to minimize potential issues and reduce investment losses while elevating the value of drugs in the biopharmaceutical industry, covering the following points:

  • Developing drug delivery systems that cater to clinical needs
  • Creating high technology threshold dosage form
  • Integration of patented layouts
  • Use of materials with regulatory approval for formulation composition
  • Process design that can be scaled up for future clinical production

Core Technology

LBDDS (Lipid-based Drug Delivery System)

The FormuRx team possesses extensive experience in the design of lipid-based drug delivery systems, with a deep understanding of evaluating pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients, process efficiency, and parameters related to drug delivery systems. Leveraging the aforementioned expertise, FormuRx focuses on the following four lipid-based drug delivery system.

Future Development

Continuously developing technology platforms related to
Lipid-based drug delivery system
highly effective drugs
with low side effects

Forge partnerships with domestic
and international pharmaceutical

Providing contract development services
for LBDDS-related





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